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Online Membership Application Form
Please note that this online form is only for use when joining the Society for the first time and paying via standing order or internet banking with the payment to be instigated by the applicant. NB If you are renewing your membership then please click here. The Society does not have the facility to accept credit card payments or direct debits.

If you wish to pay by cheque then click here to visit the Membership page and download the relevant form from the links given there.

If you wish to pay by Standing Order, we very much appreciate this. Please ensure that the next payment is dated 1 January 2014 as subscriptions are for the calendar year. If you joined after 30 June 2013 then your next subscription is due on 1 January 2015.

Membership to The Wainwright Society is £12 per household for a calendar year

Database: by joining the Society you have automatically agreed to have your personal details stored on the Society database. This data will not be divulged to other Society members, the wider public or other organisations.

In supplying your email address you have agreed to receive communications from us, occasionally, by that means. Copies of minutes and reports and the Society magazine, Footsteps will NOT be sent by email. Emails to those on the list will be sent using the ‘Blind Copy’ address box, thus ensuring that your email address is not listed on those to other members. All outgoing messages are checked for viruses.



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Payment: Please tick the relevant box below to let us know your payment method. Please note this online form is only for standing order/internet banking payments.

PERSONAL INFORMATION IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE DIVULGED TO EITHER OTHER MEMBERS OR TO THE WIDER PUBLIC - Footsteps, minutes and reports will not be sent by this means. Emails to those on the email list will be sent using the ‘Blind Copy’ address box thus ensuring that your email address is not listed on those to other members. All outgoing messages are checked for viruses.

Please remember that the form you have just filled out only works correctly if you are paying by standing order or internet banking. The details needed to pay by these methods are below:

Wainwright Society Bank Details
Sort Code: 20-45-28
Account No: 50908525
Barclays Bank, Kendal

Download the Standing Order form here and, after completion, SEND DIRECTLY TO YOUR BANK (not to the Society).