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Wainwright Society Photographic Competition

Derry Brabbs, judge of the Wainwright Photographic CompetitionSince 2003, the Society has run a Photographic Competition for members to put forward their photos. The entries are judged by Derry Brabbs, the photographer closely associated with AW, and we would like to thank Derry for again taking the time to judge the competition.

The 2013 Society Photographic Competition
Twenty-eight Society members submitted a total of 75 images for the 2013 Photographic Competition, which was, once again, judged by photographer, Derry Brabbs. Derry had another difficult task in judging the entries, which were of a high standard.

The winning photos are below and to view all of the entries plus read Derry's comments on the winning photos click here

Second place goes to Andy Beck (Member 1015) with Loweswater Gold. This is a beautiful image, well composed and exposed, perfectly encapsulating the joy of being up on the fells. There are no redundant areas in the frame and the dark notch of the foreground hillsides lead the eye directly to the sunlit valley floor below with light glinting off the lake and streams.

Runner up: Loweswater Gold Andy Beck

The winning photograph, The sun smiles on the North Western fells, taken by Niels Rasmussen (Member 2181), is one of those utterly captivating images that any photographer would be proud to have in their portfolio and is the perfect example of what can be achieved by being in that right place (with a camera!) and at exactly the magic moment when nature puts on one of its better light shows. The tightness of the framing is impressive and maximises the strong clouds and shafts of sunlight sweeping down either side of Causey Pike's serrated summit.

Winner: Niels Rasmussen (Member 2181)

The Society would like to thank Frances Lincoln Publishers for generously donating prizes to the Winner and Runner-up this year. We also thank the members who submitted entries and special thanks to Derry for judging the competition.

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