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The 2016 Challenge
Wainwright’s Central Fells

Saturday 7th May – Saturday 28th May 2016

The Central Fells is the shortest of the Pictorial Guides, comprising only 27 fells. AW noted that many of the fells were close to the tourist centres, which made them popular with holidaymakers. And because of the holiday crowds of the summer months, AW conducted much of his research in the autumn and winter and in doing so reaped a greater reward: ‘Alone, what a celestial beauty I found there in the quiet of late autumn and early winter! What rich warm colour! I walked on golden tapestries, marvelling anew at the supreme craftsmanship that had created so great a loveliness, and my own good fortune to be in its midst, enjoying a heaven I had done nothing to deserve.’ The Central Fells, Some Personal Notes in Conclusion

Society members taking part in the Challenge will be able to
discover the delights of this area for themselves by visiting the fell
tops,Calvert Logo crags, tarns, becks and other natural and man-made features described and drawn by AW in his guidebook.In doing so, members will be raising money to enable the Lake District Calvert Trust to complete the restoration of the Bowderstone Bothy for use by
its visitors, enabling them to experience abseiling adventure with a stay in a ‘wild’ location.

In planning the route, challengers should consult the relevant guidebook where maps, ascent diagrams and sketches will be of assistance in locating the objective. Members are also strongly advised to consult a 1:25000 OS map in their planning and on the walk if in doubt about the route or poor weather conditions limit visibility.

NOTE: Society members and any companions completing the Challenge should not undertake walks or climbs that are beyond their capabilities. A Challenge is completed when the location is reached. Dangerous rocks and crags should not be climbed.

A list of the allocated walks and participants are listed below.

To download a PDF with more details on the individual walks then click here

To download an application form (Society members only) then click here

last updated: 29/03/2016

Challenge No. Challenge Location Participant

1 Armboth Fell (summit) Lyndon & Joyce Davies
2 Fisher Crag David Croxall
3 Launchy Gill (Waterfalls) Gary Richardson
4 Bleaberry Fell (Summit) Don Morris
5 Falcom Crag Dave Jones
6 Goat Crags Jeff Coates
7 Blea Rigg (Summit) William John Smith
8 The Split Boulder Mark Abbott
9 Easedale Tarn John Burland
10 The Refreshment Hut (Ruin) John Clark
11 Blea Crag Kate Young
12 Miniature Rock Pool Derek Cockell
13 The Shelter Stone Maurice & Gill McMahon
14 Calf Crag (Summit) Brian Rainford
15 Far Easedale Gill (Waterfalls) Kate Young
16 Pike of Carrs Tony Thompson
17 Eagle Crag (Summit) Mike Cotterill
18 Gibson Knott (Summit) Peter Cartwright
19 Horn Crag Kate Young
20 Grange Fell (Summit) Fred & Anne Morris
21 The Bowder Stone Caroline Nichol
22 Jopplety How Tim Ince
23 King's How Peter Broad
24 Great Crag (Summit) Stephen Gardiner
25 Dock Tarn David Whelan
26 Harrison Stickle (Summit) John Merrill
27 Dungeon Ghyll Force David Felton
28 Pike How Wendi & Steven Armstrong
29 Helm Crag (Summit Ridge) Dave Billington
30 The Howitzer** Andrew Wilkins
31 The Lion and The Lamb Paul Brennan
32 High Raise (Summit) David & Graham Hall
33 Bright Beck Christopher Allen
34 High Rigg (Summit) Graeme Chapman
35 Tewet Tarn Stephen & Jennifer McGuigan
36 The South Ridge Howard McKnight
37 High Seat (Summit) Michelle Ashworth
38 Litt's Memorial Christine Hurford
39 High Tove (Summit) David Baines
40 Loft Crag (Summit) John Pulford
41 Gimmer Crag Roger Bunyan
42 Loughrigg Fell (Summit) Nick Langmead
43 Rydal Cave Judy Catterall
44 Loughrigg Terrace Geoff Fielding
45 Todd Crag Jenny & Kevin Whalley
46 Ivy Crag Phillip Catterall
47 Loughrigg Tarn Peter Linney & Jeff Carlton
48 Pavey Ark (Summit) Nick & Denise Holmes
49 Stickle Tarn Lesley Newbury Jones
50 Pike o' Stickle (Summit) Ian Newton
51 Martcrag Moor Anthony Judge
52 Stake Pass (Top) Michael Beecroft
53 Raven Crag (Summit) Philip Maltby
54 Castle Crag Fort Richard Sutton
55 Sergeant Man (Summit) June Norris Green
56 Codale Tarn Michael Elcock
57 Belles Knott Ian Prater
58 Rock Slab Derek Cockell
59 Sergeant's Crag (Summit) David & Heather Pitt
60 Blea Rock (Gash Rock) Colin Wilkinson
61 Blackmoss Pot Leslie Ritchie
62 Silver How (Summit) Paul Gibbins
63 Meg's Gill Stephen & Pam Turner
64 Lang How John Bewick
65 Steel Fell (Summit) Ron Graham
66 Green Burn (Waterfalls) David Johnson
67 Tarn Crag (Summit) Kate Young
68 Deer Bield Crag Richard Daly
69 Boulders (Near Stythwaite Steps) John Bewick
70 Sour Milk Gill (Waterfalls) Mark Abbott
71 Thunacar Knott (Summit) Janet Eccleston
72 Ullscarf (Summit) Roger Bunyan
73 Binka Stone Roger Bunyan
74 Wythburn Valley Tom & Claire Chapman
75 Lining Crag Paul Montrose
76 The Beacon, Nab Crags Roger Bunyan
77 Standing Crag Nigel Marsden
78 Point 2081' Stephen Armstrong
79 Harrop Tarn Roger Bunyan
80 Walla Crag (Summit) Alison Cockell
81 Cat Gill (Waterfalls) Roger Bunyan