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The 2019 Challenge
On the Lakeland Mountain Passes

Saturday 4th May – Saturday 25th May 2019

This coming year is the 30th anniversary of the publication of Wainwright on the Lakeland Mountain Passes and the Society is celebrating this event by asking members to walk through (or to) the mountain passes and hauses featured in Wainwright on the Lakeland Mountain Passes and others to be found in Wainwright’s Pictorial Guides and Outlying Fells. Members can choose whether to walk to the pass or through it on a linear walk (if suitable transport arrangements can be made). Passes with distinct paths and suggested linear walks (detailed in Wainwright’s book) are indicated on the list of Challenges.

In his introduction to the book, AW wrote: ‘For those who can walk in moderation and choose to do so sedately and without fear of going astray the passes offer ideal expeditions. People get lost on the mountains but very rarely on the passes. ... Every skyline gap or depression on a mountain ridge, sometimes referred to as cols, may be regarded as a pass of sorts if approachable on both sides, and there are hundreds of such places in Lakeland. ... No day in the Lake District need be wasted because of inclement weather. The mountains are inhospitable in bad conditions and better avoided ... [but] the friendly passes offer the perfect answer. You’ll still get wet, of course and despair at the shroud of mist that masks the beauty all around, but the exercise will do you good and after a rousing supper in dry clothes you will vote the day a very satisfactory one after all. Walking the passes is the next best thing to walking on the mountains and often no less rewarding.’ Wainwright on the Lakeland Mountain Passes pp 8 & 9

Blencathra Centre Logo

Society members taking part in the Challenge will be
raising money for the Blencathra Centre

In planning the route, challengers should consult the relevant guidebook where maps, ascent diagrams and sketches will be of assistance in locating the objective. Members are also strongly advised to consult a 1:25000 OS map in their planning and on the walk if in doubt about the route or poor weather conditions limit visibility.

NOTE: Society members and any companions completing the Challenge should not undertake walks or climbs that are beyond their capabilities. A Challenge is completed when the location is reached. Dangerous rocks and crags should not be climbed.

To download a PDF with more details on the individual walks then click here.

To download an application form (Society members only) then click here.

A list of the allocated walks and participants are listed below.

last updated: 21/01/2019

1 Deepdale Hause Martin Slater
2 Dunmail Raise Peter Pawson
3 Grisedale Hause Andrew Lambert
4 Kirkstone Pass Revd John Merrill
5 Scandale Pass Christine Reay
6 Sticks Pass Roger Bunyan
7 Col (unnamed) John Burland
8 Lanty's Tarn** John Pulford
9 Boardale Hause John Burland
10 Garburn Road Caroline Nichol
11 Gatesgarth Pass Andy Cunningham
12 The Mardale Corpse Road Susan Kashanski
13 Moor Divock Linda Davis
14 The Mosedale Watershed Nigel Marsden
15 Nan Bield Jack Woods
16 Stile End Lesley Ritchie
17 The Straits of Riggindale Martin Weatherill
18 Threshthwaite Mouth Jeff Coates
19 Greenup Edge Lyndon & Joyce Davies
20 High Tove Keith Capp
21 Stake Pass Alan Thomas
22 Bracken Hause** Stephen & Pam Turner
23 Thorn Crag col** Graham Bolton
24 Col (unnamed) Martin Owen
25 The Burnmoor Corpse Road David Johnson
26 Esk Hause Michelle Ashworth
27 Goats Hause June Norris Green
28 Grassguards Mark Abbott
29 Hardknott Pass Alan Thomas
30 Mickledore Jeff Appleyard
31 Ore Gap Christine Hurford
32 Rossett Pass Graeme Chapman MBE
33 Sty Head Allan Wright
34 Three Tarns Philip Maltby
35 Walna Scar Julian Procter
36 Wrynose Pass Roger Bunyan
37 Col (Fairfield)** Christine Hurford
38 Col (Calf Cove)** Paul Montrose
39 Broad Crag Col** Peter Smith
40 Lingmell Col** Roger Bunyan
41 Swirl Hawse** Ian Prater
42 Levers Hawse** Roger Bunyan
43 Carlside Col Nick & Denise Holmes
44 Mousthwaite Comb Brian & Jill Rainford
45 Skiddaw Forest Anne & Fred Morris
46 Glenderamackin Col** Steve Pattemore
47 Col (unnamed) Mike Cotterill
48 Col (unnamed) Tim Ince
49 Trusmadoor** Derek & Alison Cockell
50 Coledale Hause Michael Toner
51 Dalehead Tarn David & Graham Hall
52 Hause Gate Val Wilkinson & John Holloway
53 Honister Pass Anthony Judge
54 Newlands Hause Steve Harris
55 Rigg Beck David & Heather Pitt
56 Sail Pass Don Morris
57 Whinlatter Pass Steve Pattemore
58 Barrow Door** Steve Pattemore
59 Col (unnamed) Tom & Claire Chapman
60 Col (unnamed) Stephen Gardiner
61 Col (unnamed) Paul Brennan
62 Black Sail Pass Lesley Newbury-Jones
63 Floutern Pass Mark Cosgrove
64 The Loft Beck Crossing Ron Graham
65 Scarth Gap Andrew Wilkins
66 Wind Gap David & Judith Whelan
67 Windy Gap John Clark
68 Col (unnamed) Christine Hurford
69 Gillercomb Head** Stephen Armstrong
70 Col (unnamed) Peter Broad
71 Col (unnamed) Howard McKnight
72 Col (unnamed) David Billington
73 Dore Head** Richard Daly
74 Col (unnamed) David Johnson

** Pass/hause/col not included in Wainwright on the Lakeland Mountain Passes