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articles > 2006

The Great Cat Expedition departs again with book reprint press release:

With the increasing popularity of mountaineering novels we are proud to announce the forthcoming reprint of Scratch & Co. The Great Cat Expedition written by Molly Lefebure.

This unique and intriguing account of the first ascent of the H.K.P., the Highest Known Peak in the Kingdom of Catland, originally published in 1968 with illustrations by the well-known Lakeland guide book author and topographer, A. Wainwright, is seriously in the tradition of classic mountaineering stories and over the years since its first appearance it has built-up an enthusiastic readership amongst the mountaineering fraternity.

Mountaineering club members, dedicated fell walkers, Wainwright fans and Lakeland devotees of all ages and persuasions have followed the adventures of Scratch and his fellow climbing-cats, his high-altitude terrier sherpas, his twitchy low-level rabbit porters and his free spirited adversaries, the foxes, emerging from their borrans amongst the crags to waylay these expeditionary-offcomers. Such are the colourful and keenly observed characters, making this book witty and gripping reading; not to mention Manx Scoop and Whiskey Bylines, ace reporters for the Cat Times and Cat's Courier and Manx Scoop's fighting mad mongoose ever keen to sink his teeth into anything that vaguely resembled a snake.

When Molly asked her old pen-friend A. Wainwright to illustrate Scratch and Co. he was all enthusiasm until he met the mongoose, "The cats I can draw with my eyes shut. But a mongoose? I've never as much glimpsed one!" he said. Fortunately a stuffed mongoose was discovered in Kendal Museum, where he worked as Curator. When reporting the good news A.W. confirmed "I've spent a couple of days with the little chap and I think I've got him!"

The Great Cat Expedition was ready to start. Readers have been joining it ever since.

Scratch & Co. The Great Cat Expedition
- Molly Lefebure & A. Wainwright.
New Edition - ISBN 09547213-1-4
Hardback - 160 pages
17 line illustrations.
On sale from 2 September 2006

Molly Lefebure is author of books in various fields. Starting with her experiences as Medical Secretary to Keith Simpson, the famous Home Office Pathologist, she followed this with a biography of John George Haigh the acid bath murderer, after which came books on the Lake District, two more novels and writing for radio and television. She is also author of acclaimed biographical studies of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Thomas Hardy. She is at present finishing her third Coleridge study Private Lives of the Ancient Mariner.

Not just another book launch...this one's on top of a mountain!

No doubt considered as the most unlikely location for a book launch, the roof of England is, however, the obvious choice for this mountaineering novel. Scafell Pike (3210ft / 978m), better known in Scratch & Co. as the H.K.P., has been host to many strange ceremonies over the years. This event will add to the mountain's list of credentials and will be a complete contrast to those booklovers used to launches in stuffy, overcrowded rooms. This will quickly become apparent as the walk from the car to the event will be a little further than usual, but the fact that complimentary red and white wine and a cheeseboard are on offer is a good enough reason for anyone to join in.

The event is set to be Britain's highest ever book launch, so a fair level of fitness will be required to reach the summit. Clothing and footwear should also be suitable for the weather and terrain, so unfortunately the white stilettos and brown brogues must be left at home.

All are welcome, see you on top! Copies will be available on the summit.

Scafell Pike Summit Cairn
9th September 2006

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