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articles > 2009

Animal Rescue - Cumbria
In view of AW & Betty's involvement with the above charity, it was felt that members might wish to know a little more about the history of it.

The organisation was started in 1971 by a group of South Lakes Ladies who were appalled at the number of stray, domestic animals that were being needlessly destroyed. They decided to do something about it. Many of the unwanted animals were actually taken in and cared for in their own homes. In addition to this, fundraising efforts raised money to pay for care of other animals in commercial catteries and kennels. The animals stayed in care until new and satisfactory homes could be found for them. In 1972 Alfred Wainwright agreed to take on the office of Chairman and he steered Animal Rescue to Charitable status in 1974. At the same time, his wife Betty agreed to become Treasurer. It was always Wainwright's dream that the Charity should have a permanent shelter of its own where animals could be taken into care before being re-homed. In 1984, thanks to a tremendous personal financial input form AW, that dream became a reality with the purchase of Kapellan, at Grayrigg, Kendal.

Cats and Dogs are taken there from different parts of Cumbria. They come for many reasons but unclaimed strays from Local Authority kennels form a large proportion. In the Summer of 1991, the new kennels were opened but sadly AW did not see the completion.

In his memory, the Charity became known as "Animal Rescue Cumbria - The Wainwright Shelter", as the funding of the kennels and the running of the Charity was a direct result of the proceeds of his books and TV programmes.

New Website now on-line -

Kapellan, Grayrigg, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 9BS

Tel: 01539 824293 or 01539 724 707