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articles > 2011

Fund raising beneficiary for 2012

The Wainwright Society is delighted to announce that Cumbria Wildlife Trust will be the main beneficiary of funds raised by the Society in 2012.

Both Alfred Wainwright and his wife, Betty, were members of Cumbria Wildlife Trust for many years. They were pleased to support an organisation that does so much to protect the diverse natural habitats of Cumbria.

The Trust will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2012. It is also the 10th Anniversary of The Wainwright Society. The Society’s support of the Trust in 2012 is an appropriate way to mark both these anniversaries.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust is involved in a number of projects to protect many of the habitats and species in Cumbria. In 2012, The Wainwright Society will be supporting the Uplands for Juniper project.

The Lake District has more extensive stands of juniper than anywhere else in England. Sadly, a decline in the use and management of juniper in recent years, coupled with reduced seed production of older plants and overgrazing of young saplings has taken its toll on the viability of juniper to continue to flourish in its natural habitat.


The project aims to survey the 231 identified juniper sites in order to establish the condition and extent of juniper. Following the survey practical steps will be taken to improve the condition of existing juniper sites, expand juniper woodland sites and create new stands through planting locally sourced saplings.

Alfred Wainwright must have loved juniper trees as he mapped the extent of juniper meticulously on his explorations during the 1950’s and ‘60’s. Juniper stands are recorded on 19 of the 214 fells in the Pictorial Guides. Of Holme Fell he wrote, ‘the glorious jungle of juniper and birch, heather and bracken make this one of the most attractive of Lakeland’s fells.’ - The Southern Fells Holme Fell p. 3.

Money that is raised by the Society will be matched 10:1 through a landfill tax funding scheme. The Society hopes to raise funds through its annual 'Challenge' as well as from sales of the Wainwright Society calendar.

Derek Cockell
Press & Publicity Officer - The Wainwright Society