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articles > 2018

Dear Mr Leafe

The Wainwright Society is very concerned about the damage being done by recreational 4x4s and other motorised vehicles to the ‘green road’ between High Tilberthwaite and Little Langdale. It is quite clear that the use of this byway by such vehicles is causing unacceptable long-term damage to the surface of the track, which, in places, has been eroded down to the bedrock.

This is an area of exceptional beauty and tranquillity. The charms of Tilberthwaite have been extolled by guidebook writers for the past 150 years. In the 1860s Henry Jenkinson wrote about Tilberthwaite: 'The Tilberthwaite Glen is small, but highly picturesque and full of wild beauty.' In the 1880s, Baddeley’s guidebook declared: 'it presents that charm of freshness and variety which is ever grateful to people who are not “one-eyed” in their appreciation of nature.' In The Southern Fells, Alfred Wainwright stated that 'the square mile between Tilberthwaite Gill and the Brathay is scenically one of the loveliest in Lakeland.'

It is not only an area beloved by generations of walkers and visitors, but is the home of farmers, who do so much to care for this precious and fragile landscape.

The damage wrought by people who use this byway for inappropriate vehicular access for which it was never intended are not only causing inconvenience and extra work for residents, they are degrading the landscape by their activities and making the area less attractive to walkers and tourists.

The National Park Authority will be well aware by their own monitoring of traffic movements on this byway that this is a problem that has been growing over the years. The LDNPA has responsibility for conserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the area. This issue could be resolved by the imposition of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) on this byway, thus restricting vehicular access to the road for essential use only.

The Wainwright Society urges the Lake District National Park Authority to undertake an immediate consultation about placing a TRO on the byway between High Tilberthwaite and Little Langdale.

Yours sincerely

Derek Cockell
The Wainwright Society