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A. Wainwright's Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells: Book 1 - The Far Eastern Fells
Revised by Chris Jesty
Frances Lincoln ISBN 07112 2466 8

The Far Eastern FellsEver since I read the revised edition of Book 1 back in May, I have been eagerly awaiting the publication of Book 2. This is because I probably know this area of the Lake District better than any other due to it being the nearest to my home when travelling up from Wharfedale.

The comments by Betty Wainwright and Chris Jesty in their foreword and introduction respectively are identical to those in Book 1; Betty giving her all-important blessing to Chris’s work, and Chris explaining how he had managed to obtain agreement to do the revision in the first place. The book follows an identical pattern to its predecessor with the footpaths being printed in russet red, and various comments regarding ascents and starting points being altered where aspects have changed. The paths stand out much more clearly when printed in red and on a recent visit to Longsleddle I had an opportunity to check some of the local revisions – and found them spot on.

Close scrutiny is again needed to notice the difference between the original and Chris’s revised version. The typeface used for amendments, designed by Judith Escreet, Frances Lincoln’s in-house art director, is so similar to AW’s original writing it takes an eagle eye to tell the difference.

There are more changes in this book than in Book 1; an example of revision may be seen in Harter Fell 9 where the Wainwright television series is referred to. Although The Nab may officially now be open access, the book still advises that walkers are not encouraged to walk here because it is a deer conservation area.

I am very impressed with the clear printing in the revised books due to AW’s original artwork being re-scanned by Frances Lincoln, and also the quality of paper being used. This certainly makes a great difference to the overall appearance. I recommend that anyone who walks regularly on the Lakeland fells should buy these revised editions as they are published, even if their existing editions still have life left in them. For a modest outlay, walkers can then have the most up-to-date guide to the fells. Frances Lincoln Ltd. and Chris Jesty are certainly to be congratulated on their endeavours.

reviewed by John Burland - Member No. 2