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Events > 2007 > Wainwright Centenary

Wainwright's Ways: Coast-To-Coast
A piece for for Brass Quintet, commissioned in 2007, with funds from the Ida Carroll Trust, in memory of AW - marking his centenary year - and also in tribute to Betty. Tony Osborne wishes to thank the Wainwright Society for their valuable assistance that enabled him to complete this work.

(MP3 file)
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The five individual sections are each descriptive of places dear to AW:

Tony Osbourne - composer of Wainwright's Way1) Orrest Head - where it all started
2) The Call of the Fells and Lakes
3) Haystacks - AW's resting place
4) High Peaks and Mountain Mists
5) The Pennine Journey

Tony Osborne Composer:

Recital Music, UK

Wainwright’s Ways – Coast To Coast :
Programme Note - Ida Carroll Trust

Alfred Wainwright, MBE, 1907-1991, known as ‘AW’ , Master Fellwalker, Author, Draughtsman, Artist was one of those quiet heroes who became a national figurehead through his passionate love of the beautiful Fells, Valleys and Lakes of the North of England.

Through his television and radio broadcasts, books and meticulous illustrations about his long life of beloved walks, Wainwright’s name has become synonymous with all that these breathtaking places offer to all, as well as the 192 mile Coast To Coast  route from St Bees to Robin Hood Bay that he pioneered. There has even been a specially brewed Ale named after him!

This piece is dedicated to the centenary of his birth in Blackburn in 1907, and as a tribute to his wife Betty, who is Lifetime President of the Wainwright Society.

The first of its five sections: ORREST HEAD is named after the place near Windermere, where he first fell in love with the Lake District. It is flowing and gentle, like the hymns he used to sing on his way, but powerful and full of the romance of the Hills.

The second is a brief Interlude: The Call Of The Fells And The Lakes. In a more lilting mood, it reflects the quiet and simple joy that they brought to Wainwright and that he in turn brought to others.

The third: Haystacks, Wainwrights resting place, near Buttermere, where his ashes are scattered, and one of his favourite places. Just peace and beauty.

The fourth: High Peaks And Mountain Mists, describes the sense of wonder and majesty of these timeless views.

The fifth: Pennine Journey, is a lively, marching finale that reflects the title of the book that describes a walk that Wainwright first made in 1938, and also celebrates the freedom of walking in some of the world’s most beautiful places.

This piece is an appreciation of the legacy of a truly noble individual who communicated his love of the power and beauty of nature to millions.

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