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Events > 2008

Fifth Annual General Meeting 2008 of The Wainwright Society

Saturday 19th January 2008 at Staveley Village Hall, Cumbria

The Fifth Annual General Meeting of the Wainwright Society, held this year at Staveley, attracted the highest attendance of members seen so far at any AGM. The Committee would like to thank all those members who travelled to take part in the proceedings. 

Of course, more than a little glamour was added to the occasion with the appearance of Julia Bradbury, now well recognised as the presenter of the Wainwright Walks television series. Before the AGM Julia, her sister Gina and parents, joined over 20 Society members for an enjoyable stretch of the legs to the summit of Reston Scar on a bright and sunny Saturday morning.

She’s an energetic lady is Julia, all that exercise from fellwalking must be good for you, and she duly arrived at Staveley Village Hall with a spring in her step ready to entertain her discerning audience. Julia’s good humour and obvious enthusiasm for walking and the works of AW immediately engaged all who were there and the loudest laughs of the day came from a selection of Wainwright Walks out-takes. An important question was also answered – Yes, she really does walk down from all of those fell tops!

Julia was duly presented with the famous ‘little green badge’ and welcomed as a new Honorary Member of the Wainwright Society.  

On behalf of the Committee and Society members our sincere thanks to Julia Bradbury and her family for joining us at Staveley. We hope to see you again soon.     

an excellent turnout