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Events > 2010

Society members may like to know that Ron Scholes, who drew the route maps and provided some vignettes for the Pennine Journey guide book, will be setting out on 23rd June 2010 on another long distance walk of his own devising.  One of his other long distance walks is the Ravenber Way, a 210 mile coast to coast walk from Ravenglass to Berwick on Tweed which, not surprisingly, criss-crosses the Pennine Journey route. This time it is 'NORFOLK TO THE ROMAN WALL' – a walk of 426 miles over 31 days with just 3 rest days.  Not a bad programme for someone just into his ninth decade!!

His route will take him along such paths as the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coastal Path, Peter Scott Walk, Macmillan Way, Viking Way, Yorkshire Wolds Way, Coast to Coast Walk, Pennine Way, Pennine Journey and Hadrian’s Wall Path.

It has been Ron’s custom to allow his walks to be used as a sponsored walk by charities/organisations and he has said that he would be more than happy if Society members wished to sponsor him for the benefit of the Waymarking Fund that the Society has established for the eventual waymarking of the Pennine Journey route.  Any funds raised will be divided on the same basis as the guide book royalties i.e. 90% to the fund and 10% to the Great North Air Ambulance.  Heather and I are to join him for 4 days whilst he is in Lincolnshire (where it is relatively flat!!) and then will rejoin him at the conclusion of the walk along Hadrian’s Wall.

Anyone who does wish to sponsor Ron are asked to send their sponsorship to me, David Pitt, at 'Latrigg', Rosgill, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2QX made payable to the 'Wainwright Society Waymarking Fund'.

A subsidiary ‘fun’ element is available to sponsors who are invited to estimate Ron’s weight at the conclusion of his walk - a measurement will be taken immediately he arrives home on 28th July. Sponsorship monies, accompanied by an estimate of his finishing weight, to be sent to David at the address given above. For your information Rons starting weight was 12st 8lbs and as of early July £50 has been raised so far.  A special prize of a copy of the Pennine Journey guide book signed by Ron, Colin Bywater as well as Heather and I will be awarded to the person whose estimate is the closest with a second prize of a signed copy of the 3rd edition of the Ravenber Way guide book to be published in September.

Ron on Winshields Crag - the highest point on both the Hadrian's Wall Path and on his walkDavid Pitt joined Ron on his last day from Once Brewed to Greenhead.  He had some feet problems during the walk with the result that some days were shortened and some cut out but in a true pioneering spirit continued. He reckons that he completed around 350/360 miles of his planned 426 miles - a marvellous achievement all things being considered. His weight is still a closely guarded secret so there is still time to sponsor him to win a copy of the PJ Guide Book or Ron's Ravenber Way book.

by David Pitt