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Events > 2010

Saturday 1 May to Sunday 23 May 2010

The aim of the challenge was to record ascents by Wainwright Society members of all the fifty-six Outlying Fells in addition to the thirty-four walks in Walks in Limestone Country and thirty-two walks in Walks on the Howgill Fells. All of the fells were allocated and all funds raised via the challenge will be donated to Fix the Fells.

Online Photo Gallery
We have placed online the vast majority of the ascent photos of the Best of the Rest Challenge on the website. To view the photos submitted online click here.

'Best of the Rest' Book and CD
A book has been produced to mark the Best of the Rest Challenge and further details on prices, ordering etc can be found by clicking here.

List of Fells & Walks
updated 24th May 2010
No. REF Name of Fell or Walk Participant
1 OF2 Scout Scar Don Morris
2 OF8 Potter Fell David Billington
3 OF14 Green Quarter Fell Steve Ward
4 OF18 High Knott (Williamson's Monument) Ray Bradshaw
5 OF22 Hugill Fell Martin Arnold
6 OF24 Reston Scar Colleen Harrison & Ann Parnham
7 OF26 Orrest Head Lindsay Shaw
& Friends
8 OF30 School Knott Jack & Val Townson
9 OF34 Brant Fell John Clark
10 OF36 Whitbarrow (Lord's Seat) Steven Edge
11 OF42 Cartmell Fell David M Johnson
12 OF44 Gummer's How Richard Wellham 
13 OF48 Staveley Fell Brian & Jill Rainford 
14 OF52 Newton Fell  Nigel Marsden
15 OF58 Hampsfell David & Linda Leah
16 OF66 Humphrey Head Andrew & Brenda Littleton 
17 OF70 Bigland Barrow  David Owen & Tracy Mort
18 OF74 Finsthwaite Heights Stephen Martin Child
19 OF80 Claife Heights Ian & Carol Prater
20 OF84 Latterbarrow Lesley Ritchie
21 OF88 Carron Crag Janet & Mike Eccleston
22 OF92 Top O' Selside Michael Elcock
23 OF98 Beacon Fell Mr & Mrs S J Turner
24 OF102 Woodland Fell Graeme Chapman
25 OF108 Blawith Knott Nigel Marsden
26 OF112 Burney Jean Jones &
John Malham
27 OF114 Walna Scar Stuart Colvin
28 OF120 Caw Hugh Templeman
29 OF126 Stickle Pike Steve Pattemore
30 OF132 Dunnerdale Fells William John Smith
31 OF136 Great Worm Crag Roy Purkiss 
32 OF140 Hesk Fell Ruth Ravalde & Helen Harkness
33 OF144 The Circuit of Devoke Water
(Rough Crag (Devoke Water),
Water Crag White Pike, Yoadcastle,
Woodend Height, Seat How)
Tony Thompson
34 OF150 Stainton Pike Donald Holliday 
35 OF156 Whit Fell Peter Manning
36 OF162 Black Combe David Holmes
37 OF168 Black Combe Oswin Hopkins & Malcolm J A Pinder
38 OF170 Black Combe David
39 OF172 Black Combe Mike Toner
40 OF178 Boat How Carol Butterill
41 OF182 Irton Pike Dennis &
Jackie Page
42 OF186 Muncaster Fell Stephen & Jennifer McGuigan
43 OF192 Ponsonby Fell Phil & Bernie Maltby 
44 OF196 Cold Fell Lynne Manning
45 OF198 Flat Fell & Dent Ron Graham
46 OF202 Watch Hill David &
Pat Howling
47 OF204 Clints Crags  Zillah Brench
48 OF206 Caermote Hill John & Linda Wadsworth
49 OF210 Faulds Brow Gill & Mark Johnson
50 OF214 Dunmallet Dik Stoddart
51 OF216 Heughscar Hill Linda Davis
52 OF220 Knipescar Common F & A Morris
53 OF224 The Naddle Horseshoe
(Scalebarrow Knott, Harper Hills,
Hare Shaw, Hugh's Laithes Pike)
Christine Hurford
54 OF230 Howes Derek Cockell
55 OF236 Seat Robert Jeff Coates
56 OF242 The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe
(Sleddale Pike, Great Saddle Crag,
Ulthwaite Rigg)
David Johnson
57 OF248 The Wasdale Horseshoe
(Whatshaw Common, Little Yarlside,
Great Yarlside, Wasdale Pike)
David Hall
58 OF254 The Crookdale Horseshoe (Lord's Seat (Crookdale), Robin Hood, High House Bank) June Norris Green
59 OF260 The Bannisdale Horseshoe
(Whiteside Pike, Todd Fell Capplebarrow,
Long Crag White Howe, Lamb Pasture)
N Collard
60 HF1 The Whinfell Ridge
(Ashtead Fell & Mabbin Crag)
Dr. Colin Raymond Rowley
61 HF2 The Whinfell Ridge
(Whinfell Beacon & Castle Fell)
Chris Gale
62 HF3 The Whinfell Ridge (Whinfell Beacon) Lindsay Shaw
63 HF4 The Whinfell Ridge (Whinfell Beacon) Martin Roberts
64 HF5 The Whinfell Ridge (Grayrigg Common) Martin Roberts 
65 HF6 Calders & The Calf Peter Dransfield
66 HF7 Winder Robert Kane 
67 HF8 Arant Haw Mark Blackburn
68 HF9 The Calf Philip Wickens
69 HF10 Fell Head & The Calf Richard and Linda Manning
70 HF11 Black Force Andy & Esther Beck 
71 HF12 Carlin Gill & Uldale Head Helen Hackney 
72 HF13 Tebay Gill, Blease Fell & Hare Shaw  Roger &  Jackie Bunyan
73 HF14 Eller Gill & Rispa Pike Martin Brennan 
74 HF15 Langdale, Uldale & Simon's Seat James Trevelyan
75 HF16 Langdale Knott  David
76 HF17 Bowderdale, The Calf & West Fell D F Green
77 HF18 Randygill Top & Green Bell Mrs K Eastham
78 HF19 The source of the River Lune Michael Tovey 
79 HF20 Harter Fell & Wandale Hill Maurice & Gill Mcmahon 
80 HF21 Westerdale, Kensgriff & Yarlside Thomas
81 HF22 Cautley Spout & The Calf Caroline Nichol
82 HF23 Great Drummacks & Hobdale John Clark 
83 HF24 Sickers Fell and Knott Clive Harris
84 HF25 Crook  David
85 HF26 Fell End Clouds  David
86 HF27 Wild Boar Fell Keith Walker
87 HF28 Wild Boar Fell & Swarth Fell Jenny Whalley
88 HF29 Baugh Fell (East) Martin Kirk
89 HF30 Baugh Fell (West) Michael Beecroft 
90 HF31 Baugh Fell (West)  Phil Catterall
91 HF32 Dovecote Gill & Hebblethwaite Hall Gill  Lindsay Shaw
92 LC1 Casterton Fell & Easgill Kirk Andy Malcolm 
93 LC2 The caves and potholes of Leck Fell Jenny & Kevin Whalley 
94 LC3 The ascent of Gragareth Alan Sharp
95 LC4 Marble Steps Pot & Hunt's Cross J A Smith 
96 LC5 The Turbary Road, Rowten Pot
& Yordas Cave
Andy Malcom
97 LC6 The Glens & Waterfalls of Ingleton Ben & Joan Dewhirst & Emily Parke
98 LC7 The ascent of Whernside Kevin Whalley
99 LC8 White Scars & Meregill Hole Keith Dobson
100 LC9 The ascent of Ingleborough Mike Cotterill
101 LC10 The Potholes of Newby Moss Ray Bradshaw 
102 LC11 The ascent of Ingleborough Margaret & Gerald Cummins
103 LC12 Juniper Gulf & the Allotment Val Wilkinson & John Holloway 
104 LC13 The ascent of Norber Andy Malcolm
105 LC14 The ascent of Ingleborough John Bewick
106 LC15 The ascent of Moughton John Pulford 
107 LC16 The Environs of Feizor Eric Robson 
108 LC17 Giggleswick Scar Don Morris 
109 LC18 The Celtic Wall & Smearsett Scar Peter Linney
110 LC19 The ascent of Great Coum Mike Lawrence
111 LC20 Hell's Couldron & Ibbeth Peril Robert Kane 
112 LC21 The ascent of Whernside Gary Richardson
113 LC22 The Caves of Ribblehead Martin Brennan
114 LC23 The ascent of Whernside  Bill & Linda Wood
115 LC24 The Bruntscar Area Ray Bradshaw 
116 LC25 The ascent of Ingleborough Andrew Lang
117 LC26 The Alum Pot Cave System Robert Kane 
118 LC27 The Birkwith Area Andy Malcolm 
119 LC28 The ascent of Penyghent Derek & Sue Hainsworth
120 LC29 Stainforth Bridge & Catrigg Force Derek Cockell 
121 LC30 Attermire Cave & Victoria Cave Andy & Jacqui Morley
122 LC31 The ascent of Rye Loaf Hill  Peter Cartwright
123 LC32 Pikedaw, Nappa Cross & Langscar Gate John Burland 
124 LC33 Gordale Scar, Malham Tarn & Malham Cove Jill King & Alan Rafferty
125 LC34 The Three Peaks Walk Chris Oades

OF = Outlying Fells
LC = Walks in Limestone Country
HF = Walks on the Howgill Fells