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The speaker for the 2017 Memorial Lecture was Clive Hutchby, who has been walking in the steps of Wainwright for the past four years revising the Pictorial Guides. His lecture explained the process of bringing the guides completely up-to-date in a digital age. The new editions have set out to record the changes to the routes of ascent that have occurred since the last revision by Chris Jesty.

Wainwright took a notebook, map and camera on to the fells when he was conducting his research. Clive explained that he works in a similar way on the fells using his camera to record details of the route such as the state of the paths, the existence of new stiles and other features. He makes notes using a copy of the relevant Pictorial Guide.

He then went on to describe the process of recording this information on the pages of the guides saying that a new font had been developed to replace all the existing text allowing it to be edited and enlarged, thus improving readability by using a new, larger page size.

Wainwright’s ascent diagrams have been brought up-to-date by using a new red layer to denote paths and recommended routes. This layer is overlaid on the original page, which means that changes can be made easily in future editions.

Clive emphasised that throughout the process the importance of maintaining the integrity of Wainwright’s voice was paramount: his views and opinions have not been compromised. Clive concluded his lecture by showing some examples of pages from the Guides before and after the revisions pointing out the changes that had been made.

Society Secretary, Derek Cockell thanked Clive for his informative talk and presented Clive with Honorary Membership of the Society.

Derek Cockell

Photograph: Clive Hutchby (R) with Derek Cockell Society Secretary (L).
© Peter Linney
Clive Hutchby (R) with Derek Cockell Society Secretary (L). © Peter Linney