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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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Wainwright Photographic Competition 2003

By the 1st of December we had received 39 entries to the competition for a total
of 16 members. 3 images were on slides, 18 were prints and 18 digital. They
were all delivered to Derry Brabbs, who had kindly agreed to select 'the best'.

Because we had agreed to accept the pictures in any of the three formats, print, slide or digital, they were sent to Derry in their original state plus prints of the slides and digital images.

After considerable deliberation and not a little difficulty he selected the three
best pictures. We had asked for only 'the best' but Derry was so impressed by
the standard of entry that he asked that we might consider awarding three
prizes. Eric Robson, our chairman, had generously offered a prize to the winner and faced with Derry's request he has agreed to make a second and third prize available. Derry also made a helpful comment with each entry and these will be sent to the entrants once this announcement is made public. Derry's comments
on the winners are shown here.

The winners of the first Wainwright photographic competition, in reverse order
(is there any other way?) are:

In third place is an entry by Sylvia Hillyard entitled 'Haystacks and Buttermere'. Derry's comments are: 'Although sadly not the winner, this is one of the best composed images of the competition as all the elements combine perfectly to please the eye. Trees on the left balanced by the peak on the right, support the delightful vignette of the boat and stones. Shame about bland sky and lack of atmosphere. Graduated filter!!'

In second place we have 'Gable from Beck Head, Kirk Fell' by Lyndon Davies.
Derry says: 'A fabulous effort and extremely well composed. I do like the foreground rocks which accentuate the bleakness of Gable's environment. Shame about the bland lighting but as I have learnt to my cost - we can't control the weather'.

In first place and this year's winner of the Best Photograph of 2003 is
John Wright with 'Derwentwater and the Coledale Round' of which Derry says:
'A worthy winner of the competition and one can almost feel the cold dry air searing the nostrils by just looking at it. Well composed, well printed and I wish I had been there to take one too'.

Thanks are due to all the competitors, to Derry Brabbs for his skilled and comprehensive examination, and to Eric Robson for his generosity in donating
the prizes.

2003 winner John Wright with
Society Chairman Eric Robson