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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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Wainwright Photographic Competition 2005

Members rose to the challenge in this year's competition as never before with a 72% increase on last year which, itself, was over 50% up on the first year.
All pictures were taken during 2005 and the entries captured on film were segregated from those taken using a digital camera.

Derry Brabbs has seen all 92 entries in this year's competition and has made his selection they are:

THE FILM winner is Jeff Coates
Beda Fell Knott from Ullswater
Derry's comment is:
I like the symmetry of the reflected image
and the soft, muted colours perfectly encapsulate the atmosphere of that rarest of events, a tranquil day in the Lake District.

Jeff Coates
member 443
for his entry entitled 'Beda Fell Knott from Ullswater'.



THE DIGITAL winner is John Pulford
Wetherlam and Stickle Tarn from Sergeant Man

Derry's comment is:
Use of the vertical framing is most effective and I love the alternating layers of swirling mist and silhouetted fells. Just like London buses, you wait ages for a mist laden valley and then three come along all at once!




John Pulford
member 27
for his entry entitled
'Wetherlam and Stickle Tarn from Sergeant Man'.

Derry's general comment on all entries:
The enthusiasm of the Society's members is reflected in a large entry for the 2005 competition and presented me with a difficult, but enjoyable challenge. The winners
of each section both captured the true atmosphere of the lakes and fells and the common denominator was a well exposed, tightly composed image.

Many other entries were almost equally pleasing to the eye, but there were also
others that could have easily been improved upon with just a little extra thought in terms of either lighting or composition.

Always take an extra moment to scrutinise the viewfinder for what might turn out to be irritating intrusions such as stray twigs, branches or scrappy bits of fencing that could spoil an otherwise perfect image.

A very big thank you to Derry for completing this important task and to all 39 members who participated.  Keep it up, there will be another one for 2006, so
get out there and capture those stunning images.

The two prize-winners will receive their signed copies of 'IN THE FOOTPRINTS OF WAINWRIGHT' from the author at the AGM in Kendal on the 25th March, at which
it is hoped to show a sequence with all 92 entries.