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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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Wainwright Photographic Competition 2006

Twenty-eight members submitted a total of seventy-eight entries in this year’s competition, sixty-two of them after the middle of December!  The quality of
entries has maintained the high standards developed over the three years.
Derry Brabbs has, once again, judged the entries to select the winner of each class, film and digital.  He writes:
Congratulations to all contributors!  I thought the overall standard of images this
year was particularly high and am only sorry that there can be just one prize winner from each category. It would have been nice to have seen stronger skies and
whether shooting on film or digital, it is worth experimenting with graduated filters
to bring the clouds into play to strengthen the overall impact of a landscape.

Nil desperandum film users, I am still persevering with my old Olympus and Fuji
Velvia and despite all this new-fangled technology and digital witchcraft, film is
still capable of giving the pixels a good run for their money. Well done again to
all and thank you for giving me such an enjoyable portfolio of photographs to
look through.

The winners of the 2006 competition are as shown below, together with their winning entries and Derry’s comments.

The Winner, Digital Image class is Mick Boddy - member 572

Derry's comments: 'A superbly atmospheric study highlighting the benefits of being in the right place at the right time. The entire frame is full of interest, with the interplay of light and shade in the sky being perfectly mirrored on the lake's unruffled surface.'

The Winner, Film Image class is Phil Mann - member 641

Derry’s comments: 'There were several lovely studies of cloud inversion amongst
the entries, but this one is outstanding for its colour, textures and atmosphere. I particularly like the way that the soft sunlight just catches the foreground and, as it
is a dawn picture the photographer should receive extra praise for groping their way
up to a high vantage point in the dark!'

Photography Workshops with Derry Brabbs
Any keen amateurs who have admired Derry Brabbs’ landscape photography, (either through his Wainwright books or illustrated presentations to the Society’s AGM), now have the chance to discover at first hand how those stunning images were taken and consequently improve their own creative techniques.

Beginning with an expedition to the Limestone Country in July, Derry is hosting a series of one-day photography workshops throughout the rest of 2006 and also hopes to include some longer, residential courses next year.

In addition to the advertised workshops, if any small groups of Wainwright
Society members would like to participate in their own exclusive day on the fells with Derry Brabbs, he will be happy to oblige and promises ‘very special rates’
for members and their friends. For more details, visit Derry’s site -