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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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Wainwright Photographic Competition 2010
At the end of November only 7 members had submitted a total of 19 entries to
this year’s competition and on 17 December this had only risen to 11 entrants
with 31 entries.  However half the entrants arrived between Boxing Day and the New Year. Clearly our members like to wrap their Christmas presents first and
then sort through their photographs for the competition.  So by the year end
we had 66 entries submitted by 34 members and there were some really good
ones for Derry to ponder on.

By the 4th January I had the materials assembled and the pictures were with
Derry who as usual gave a quick turn around.  Derry let me have the winning pictures and he writes:

'Dear Members,
A very Happy New Year and thank you again for putting me through the torment of having to select a winner and runner-up in the 2010 photographic competition! It really does lift the mood on the darkest of winter days to be confronted with such a colourful array of images portraying the fells and mountains in all four seasons.
However, as with all competitions, there can be only one winner and having narrowed down the entries to a short list of six images, I then found myself agonising over which one to select because they were all meritorious for different reasons.

My runner-up is picture number 30. I chose this picture for its lighting and
composition and even though I would have preferred the walking poles not to be included, the photograph is still strong enough to get that second place. The light
and texture on the foreground rocks and cairn contrasts beautifully with the darker, serrated line of the Crinkles and Bow Fell on the skyline and those two main elements perfectly joined by the path snaking its way diagonally across the frame. The photograph would not have scored so highly had it not been for the dramatic dark sky – a factor that proves yet again that we all need luck to be in the right place at the right time.

Runner up photo taken by Andrew Smith - member 1133
Runner up photo taken by Andrew Smith - member 1133

The winning photograph in this year’s renewal of the contest is number 42, a picture
of Friar’s Crag on a mid winter’s afternoon that simply oozes atmosphere and is just perfect in every respect. I was mindful of the fact that in rating this particular image that features a comfortable bench above others that were shot up on the fells, I
might be somehow condoning watching rather than doing!  However, can there be a more perfect spot from which to contemplate the sheer beauty of the Lake District ? The lighting on this predominately silhouette photograph is just sublime, from the shadows cast by the bench, to the sun framed by overhanging trees and the golden reflections cast on the water’s surface.

Winning photo taken by Gary Richardson -  member 928
Winning photo taken by Gary Richardson - member 928

Thanks again to everyone who entered and I offer my warmest congratulations to the top two entries and also once again a huge thank you to Peter Linney for his tireless work in downloading, preparing and printing the images for me to judge.'
Derry Brabbs

This year, as in others, Striding Edge Publications have generously donated prizes to the winner Gary Richardson (member 928) and runner up Andrew Smith (member 1133) and we are grateful to Eric and Annette Robson for these. Thanks to Derry for his selections and to the members who made this a competition to be proud of.
Peter Linney - Secretary of the Wainwright Society

Photography Workshops with Derry Brabbs
Any keen amateurs who have admired Derry Brabbs’ landscape photography, (either through his Wainwright books or illustrated presentations to the Society’s AGM), now have the chance to discover at first hand how those stunning images were taken and consequently improve their own creative techniques.

Derry has suspended (but not altogether abandoned) conventional, group workshops in favour of working exclusively with individuals (or couples). Despite restricting guest numbers, he has been unable to devote more time to each photographer, and although individuals will now have to pay slightly more than applicable to previous group rates, he believes the benefits derived from such intensive tuition and advice will be ample compensation.

For more details, visit Derry’s site -