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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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Wainwright Society Photographic Competition

Derry Brabbs, judge of the Wainwright Photographic CompetitionSince 2003, the Society has run a Photographic Competition for members to put forward their photos. The entries are judged by Derry Brabbs, the photographer closely associated with AW, and we would like to thank Derry for again taking the time to judge the competition.

The 2014 Society Photographic Competition
Twenty Society members submitted a total of 71 images for the 2014 Photographic Competition, which was, once again, judged by photographer, Derry Brabbs. In a departure from previous years, it was decided that there would be two classes, a Themed Class (the Lake District lakes) and an Open Class.  From the winner of each class, Derry selected a photograph that was judged: Best in Show.

Judge’s Remarks
A (belated) Happy New Year to you all and, once again, my sincere thanks to all those who submitted entries for the latest Photo Competition.  This is the first time we have offered two categories and hopefully this format will prove popular in years to come.

The 'Open' competition speaks for itself but we thought it would also be good to challenge members with an annually changing specific category, the inaugural one being 'Lakes'. I would liked to have seen more images that really focussed on the lakes themselves, rather than being just one component of a wider landscape because they offer so much creative potential in terms of reflections, colour washes at dawn and dusk or a majestic foreground to the fells beyond. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed poring over the entries and after much deliberation am pleased to announce the winners, runners-up and highly commended entries from each category.  The 'Best in Show' prize was fought out between the two category winners and that was a really tough decision to make.

Thank you again to everybody who submitted pictures and I look forward to next year's competition.
Derry Brabbs

Themed Class: Lakes
Winner: Niels Rasmussen Member No. 2181 Wintry dusk over Rydal Water
This is an outstanding photograph, very well composed and laden with atmosphere, amply illustrating just how rewarding it can be to be out with a camera at the beginning and end of a day.  The bottom left foreground rocks really anchor the composition and although it would have been even better if the swans had been slightly separated, this is a worthy winner and congratulations.

Runner-up: David Maughan Member No. 40 Derwentwater Sun and Storm
I love the drama of this image and it shows that even though the landscape itself is timeless, there are magic fleeting moments of light, shade and weather effects that combine so dramatically amidst the Lake District fells.  Very often it is just a question of being in the right place at the right time - and having a camera!

Highly Commended: Nick Webster Member No. 2541 Grasmoor reflected over Crummock Water
This is lovely image and the perfect symmetry of mountain and reflection is delightful.

Open Class
Winner: Andrew Clayborough Member No. 2096 Langdale
This is a fabulous picture and one that absolutely epitomises the magic of the fells.  The framing is just perfect and the combination of silhouetted hillsides falling into the valley floor laden with sunlit mist have created one of the best pictures of Langdale I have seen.

Runner-up: Niels Rasmussen Member No. 2181 Kentmere Fell Ponies
This is a lovely image in both content and composition. It reminds us that the fells are not just an outdoor playground and that people were living and working here long before recreational walking was invented!  There is good cloud structure and the path leading to frame from the bottom left takes the viewers eye directly into the heart of the image. Congratulations also on being able to get the ponies to both look the same way at once!

Highly Commended: Jenny Whalley Member No. 59 Blowing snow on Cross Fell
A lovely dramatic image that again captures a magic fleeting moment of weather.  Cross Fell can be a fairly bleak and hostile place and this picture really does make one shiver.

Best in Show
Both category winners were images laden with atmosphere but Andrew Clayborough’s 'Langdale' stands out as the best picture.

The Society would like to thank Derry Brabbs for generously donating a framed landscape print to the winner and also to Andy Beck for framing the winning entries.  We also thank the members who submitted entries and special thanks to Derry for judging the competition.

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Photography Workshops with Derry Brabbs
Any keen amateurs who have admired Derry Brabbs’ landscape photography, (either through his Wainwright books or illustrated presentations to the Society’s AGM), now have the chance to discover at first hand how those stunning images were taken and consequently improve their own creative techniques.

Derry has suspended (but not altogether abandoned) conventional, group workshops in favour of working exclusively with individuals (or couples). Despite restricting guest numbers, he has been unable to devote more time to each photographer, and although individuals will now have to pay slightly more than applicable to previous group rates, he believes the benefits derived from such intensive tuition and advice will be ample compensation.

For more details, visit -