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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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Wainwright Society Photographic Competition

Derry Brabbs, judge of the Wainwright Photographic Competition Since 2003, the Society has run a Photographic Competition for members to put forward their photos. The entries are judged by Derry Brabbs, the photographer closely associated with AW, and we would like to thank Derry for again taking the time to judge the competition.

The 2015 Society Photographic Competition
Thirty-nine Society members submitted a total of 117 images for the 2015 Photographic Competition, which was, once again, judged by photographer, Derry Brabbs. There were two classes, a Themed Class (On reaching the summit …) and an Open Class. From the winner of each class, Derry selected a photograph that was judged: Best in Show.

Judge’s Remarks
I have to say that this year has been the best ever collection of images by far and offer my heartfelt thanks to all those who submitted entries. It therefore goes without saying that editing them all down to a handful of contenders in both categories has been a struggle – albeit a most enjoyable one! I was particularly impressed by the number of pictures that were not only well composed but in both lighting and atmosphere conveyed the beguiling atmosphere of the Lake District.

Landscape photography is always a lottery when we are entirely reliant on prevailing light and weather conditions to enhance our pictures and most of the photos that made it onto my final lists were notable for strong lighting and the glorious juxtaposition of clouds and sun. Skies are such a vital ingredient to a good landscape shot but they frustratingly never seem to appear to order!

Derry Brabbs

Open Class

Winner: Ed Hamblett Member 2864 Derwentwater
This is a very strong composition laden with atmosphere. The strong silhouette of the gate and fence leading down into the heart of the image take the viewer’s eye up to the line of fells on the horizon. The clouds are very strong and their reflections on the water combine to make a strikingly graphic image.

Open Class

Runner up: Andy Beck Member 1015 Lingmoor Light
A perfectly composed picture with the strong cluster of sunlit rocks in the foreground leading onto the snaking line of wall and up to the distinctive outline of the Langdale Pikes. The sun-drenched clouds complete this memorable photograph that is a perfect example of the merits of using a vertical format for some landscape situations.

Highly Commended: Andy Beck Member 1015 Castlerigg Lambs
I just love this picture and having spent decades trying to herd sheep and lambs into empty foreground spaces, I really appreciated the way that photographer not only captured their game of ‘King of the Castle’ but also managed to do it in sumptuous lighting conditions.

Themed Class: On Reaching the Summit

Winner: Niels Rasmussen Member 2181 The summit of Sallows
This is an outstanding photograph laden with atmosphere and one can almost smell the cold just looking at it. The undulating remnant of stone wall has been perfectly employed as a composition tool and the silhouetted walker and dog are perfectly placed within the frame. However, it is the fabulous blue wintry sky with streaked cloud formations that really makes the image stand out and really does back my insistent mantra that skies really do matter in landscape photography.

Runner up: Andy Beck Member 1015 Buttermere from Fleetwith Pike
I love everything about this photograph, especially the dog who seems just as mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset as his master! It is a perfectly composed and well executed picture that simply oozes atmosphere and despite the strong backlighting from the setting sun, there is plenty of texture and detail in the foreground rocks.

Highly Commended: David Harrison Member 2121 Kyle bagging Low Fell
Brilliant to see the next generation of fell walkers having so much fun up on the summits and this action shot of Kyle really fulfils the brief. “Upon reaching the summit I jumped for joy, until dad told me we had to do another one”!

Best in show

I had the unenviable task of choosing which of the two class winners should be awarded the accolade of ‘Best in Show’. Both images were outstanding but in the end I had no qualms about selecting The summit of Sallows as it readily passed the ‘which picture would I never tire of looking at on my wall test’ and so my congratulations to the frostbitten photographer who braved the harsh elements to capture that stunning image.

The Society would like to thank Derry Brabbs for generously donating a framed landscape print to the winner and also to Andy Beck for framing the winning entries. We also thank the members who submitted entries and special thanks to Derry for judging the competition.

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Photography Workshops with Derry Brabbs

Any keen amateurs who have admired Derry Brabbs’ landscape photography, (either through his Wainwright books or illustrated presentations to the Society’s AGM), now have the chance to discover at first hand how those stunning images were taken and consequently improve their own creative techniques.

Derry has suspended (but not altogether abandoned) conventional, group workshops in favour of working exclusively with individuals (or couples). Despite restricting guest numbers, he has been unable to devote more time to each photographer, and although individuals will now have to pay slightly more than applicable to previous group rates, he believes the benefits derived from such intensive tuition and advice will be ample compensation.

For more details, visit -