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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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The Wainwright Society Photographic Competition

The 2016 Society Photographic Competition

Twenty-six Society members submitted a total of 62 images for the 2016 Photographic Competition, which was, once again, judged by photographer, Derry Brabbs. There were two classes, a Themed Class (Limestone Country) and an Open Class. From the winner of each class, Derry selected a photograph that was judged: Best in Show.

Open Class

Winner: Terry Abraham Member 2835 - Heavenly light over Castlerigg

This is a spectacular picture that any landscape photographer would love to have taken and it matters not one iota that over half the image is either black or dark grey! We all dream of being in the right place at the right time to capture such an amazing combination of light upon the landscape and it is just one of those magic moments that cannot be planned for - other than having a camera to hand. The gradated rays of light falling on the valley floor are perfect, backed up by the differing shades of grey hills rising up behind and, thankfully, the cluster of ghastly white caravans are nicely in the shade. A great effort and congratulations.

Winner: Terry Abraham Member 2835

Highly Commended: Philip Mann Member 641 - First Snow

I chose this image as being worthy of a 'mention in dispatches' because it is a great example of the benefits of using a vertical format for landscape to create added depth to a photograph. I love the way that Derwentwater snakes around the promontory of land and although the bottom right foreground is a bit dark, there is still enough detail there to make it work. The colour, framing and atmosphere are excellent.

Philip Mann Member 641 First Snow

Themed Class: Limestone Country

Judge's remarks:

Because there were only a disappointing 14 entries for this class, I am restricting my choice to just the winner. I thought more people would have spent time walking amidst the glorious scenery of the Limestone Dales, especially as it was one of AW's favourite haunts. Maybe next time?

Winner: David Harrison Member 2121 - Exiting Gordale Scar

This is a perfect photograph and ticks every box regarding composition, lighting and fulfilling the brief. The absence of sunlight works so well because with this kind of subject, bright sunlight also means shadows and they abscise vital landscape detail. Not a square inch of this composition is superfluous and the way that the perfectly sharp triangle of limestone pavement leads the eye onwards into the savage landscape of the dry valley is truly inspirational. Brilliant effort!

Winner: David Harrison Member 2121

Best in Show

The winner of Best in Show was judged to be:

Exiting Gordale Scar David Harrison Member 2121

After much agonising deliberation, I have decided that by the shortest of short heads, the accolade of BEST IN SHOW has to be awarded to the THEMED CLASS entry, Exiting Gordale Scar. I just loved the moody sun and clouds of the OPEN CLASS winner but although this was a great opportunist picture, I have to go with the meticulously composed image of the Limestone Dales. I admired both images immensely but in order to separate them, I imagined using each photograph to show someone who had never been to either the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales just what it was like and on that basis, the Limestone Dales came out on top.

Winner: David Harrison Member 2121

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Photography Workshops with Derry Brabbs

Any keen amateurs who have admired Derry Brabbs’ landscape photography, (either through his Wainwright books or illustrated presentations to the Society’s AGM), now have the chance to discover at first hand how those stunning images were taken and consequently improve their own creative techniques.

Derry has suspended (but not altogether abandoned) conventional, group workshops in favour of working exclusively with individuals (or couples). Despite restricting guest numbers, he has been unable to devote more time to each photographer, and although individuals will now have to pay slightly more than applicable to previous group rates, he believes the benefits derived from such intensive tuition and advice will be ample compensation.

For more details, visit -