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Photographic Competition results for previous years
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The Wainwright Society Photographic Competition

The 2017 Society Photographic Competition

Twenty-seven Society members submitted a total of 81 images for the 2017 Photographic Competition, which was judged by photographer and film-maker Terry Abraham. This year, there was one class – Open.
The results are displayed below with the Judge’s comments:

Open Class

Winner: David Felton Member 2791 Ice

Blea Tarn near Great Langdale has likely been captured on camera more times than there are stars in the night sky but there's no doubting it's an iconic view! Surprisingly, it's quite a difficult place to convey through photography given where one's eye wishes to gaze. That said, the rocks in the foreground perfectly balance and lead the eye around the frame towards a sun-kissed Langdale Pikes. This is a superb image that nails it for composition but also for atmosphere and goes to prove that in this case, dawn is the best time to appreciate this picture postcard Lakeland scene. A worthy winner and an image I'd be proud to have framed on my wall at home.

Runner-up: Jeremy Wilkinson Member 3136 Heaven on Earth

There's a saying in photography that sums up this wonderful image; 'the golden hour'. This refers to the best times of day to take in the delights of our world with a camera to hand and that would be at dawn or dusk. I love the colours in this photo and though the composition isn't quite right, thankfully the rising sun balances things out. The trees lure you in, the gate beckons you to go for a wander and the warming colours convey the warmth of a new day in the countryside. A superb photo.

Highly Commended: David Evans Member 2327 Lochan, Glencoe

Many of us have the 'Best of British' attitude when out bimbling amongst the mountains on gloomy, stormy days, but, nevertheless, you can still chance upon a view that takes your breath away. This photo perfectly captures the ominous moods that frequently envelop Glencoe in Scotland. The composition is very good and the reflections in the lochan add markedly to the scene. I wonder what the weather was like prior and after the photographer captured this striking scene?

Terry has also made some general comments about the entries received this year:

As many Society members will be aware, I'm out in all seasons, weathers and hours when out and about on the fells with my cameras in a pack, so it was particularly thrilling for me to see many photos in this competition where members have been out in similar circumstances. If you asked me to sit in a city centre and do nothing but look around for hours on end, I'd soon tell you to go where the sun doesn't shine. Ask me to do that on the fells however and you'll get a different response!

The variety of photos reflects the joy we all receive when outdoors and also reveals how diverse the British landscape is. I often remark one lifetime isn't enough to savour the fells, moors and mountains of these special islands and so it was nice to sit in my armchair and travel to places both new and familiar to me

I was pleased to note many members’ images had been captured at 'unsociable' times of day and during inclement weather. Such circumstances often afford the photographer the most dramatic scenes though it does require large doses of patience! Just the sort of perseverance I admire in any photographer.

The Society would like to thank Terry Abraham for generously donating a framed landscape print to the winner. We also thank the members who submitted entries and special thanks to Terry for judging the competition.

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