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The Wainwright Society
The inaugural meeting of The Wainwright Society was held on November 9th 2002 at Ambleside Youth Hostel. This was followed by a walk to the summit of Dove Crag, the walk described on the first page of The Eastern Fells penned by AW fifty years earlier.

The primary aims of the Society are to keep alive the fellwalking traditions promoted by Alfred Wainwright through his guidebooks and other publications and to keep faith with his vision of introducing a wider audience to fellwalking and caring for the hills.

The Society has, over the years, raised many thousands of pounds for causes which we believe AW would have appreciated and supported. There are now over 2000 family members including some notable names such as, Sir Chris Bonington, Doug Scott, Alan Hinkes, Terry Abraham & Julia Bradbury.

Objects of the Society
2.1 To keep alive the fellwalking traditions promoted by Alfred Wainwright through his guidebooks and other publications.

2.2 To keep faith with Wainwright’s vision of introducing a wider audience to fellwalking and caring for the hills.

2.3 To encourage the benefits of association with people sharing those common interests.

2.4 To contribute to public debate on issues affecting landscape quality, and quality of life, in upland areas of Britain and particularly the Lake District.

2.5 To foster and enhance Alfred Wainwright’s standing in the field of long distance footpath walking.

Wainwright and the Society
There is an argument that the last thing Alfred Wainwright would have wanted is an appreciation society with a website. His idea of a website was a spider-infested cave on the approach to Caw and appreciation was what he felt in his beloved mountains. He never asked anyone to return the compliment.

But that's the problem with great men.

They tend to be dogmatic. Because they've thought the matter through and reached a reasoned conclusion, that's that. They want to be judged by their works. They have no interest in the tittle tattle that attaches itself limpet-like to celebrity.

But ......

(I'm pausing at this point to hear the rumbling humph and to be enveloped in a drifting cloud of Three Nuns tobacco smoke.)

But ......

AW's stock in trade was communication. He communicated better than any guide book writer before or since the essence of the Lakeland landscape, the visceral attachment of man to place, the spiritual power of weathered rock and angry sky. He was priest and poet in his own blunt way.

He may have chosen to communicate by pen and ink but we can't copy him. All we can do is use the cruder, less creative, technologies at our disposal and give our best shot at allowing the lines of communication he opened to reach new generations of fellwanderers.

I'm going to have to do a bit more persuading before I'll convince him to open the domain but at least I think the humphing's temporarily subsided.

Eric Robson
Chairman of Wainwright Society

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